Saturday, December 31, 2005

Kiritimati, Christmas Islands, Kiribati Happy New Year 2006!

I did not know this that:

Kiritimati, Christmas Islands, Kiribati

Sunday, 1 January 2006 at 12:05:58 AM.

They are the first place to have January 1st 2006.

So happy new year to all those from Kiritimati, Christmas Islands, Kiribati. Just over the time line Hawaii is exactly 24 hrs behind them they are still Saturday 31st Jaunary 12:05:58 am.

For a refresher on Christmas Islands:

They need Qualifed Teachers to work there!

Enjoy the music :)

Now who is the group?

Ours is 4 hrs away!

Lee Harding Australian Idol 3rd Place!

I simply cannot believe this!

WASABI Lee Harding is the number 1 single in Australia. He got 3rd place on Australian Idol and we are yet to see anything from Emily Williams!

Then one searches for the name "Emily Williams" on the site and come up with nothing!

Then I learned that they signed her 4 weeks after the final of Australian Idol. There were tons of protest to the forum and chat sites.

Unreal or what?

Myriam Abel

© 2005 Sony International

Bonjour :)

Myriam was a finalist on French Idol on the 9th January 2006 her debut CD is going to be released "Donne"

Check her out her music is well outstanding :)


01. Intro 02. Qu'Est-Ce Qu'On Peut Faire 03. Donne 04. Le Plus Grand Des Petits Sold 05. Dernier Espoir 06. Aujourd'hui Comme Hier 07. Comme Une Ombre 08. Les Yeux Au Ciel0 09. Louis 10. Tu Joues De Moi 11. La Vie Devant Toi

Will write more later :)

Her blog is:


Her music is in French - sorry if you don't know French I think music transends all language barriers :)

I have been listening to alot of French Music latley

Her URL :) check it out please :)

Just found her space:

Merci :)

Friday, December 30, 2005

Paulini (New CD out January 2006) incl. Rough Day!

© 2006 Sony/BMG

Paulini was in series 1 of Australian Idol with Guy Sebastian - Shannon Noll and Cosima DeVito, she had had one solo CD titled "One Determined Heart" I love that CD. "Angel Eyes" is an incredible single from that release.

On the 16th January Paulini releases her new single "Rough Day"

Discover the world of Paulini and her music :)

Her forum is at:

Forgot Why DJ Sammy in Bodypump 56 Poll!

Was looking at the list for Bodypump 56 and Why by DJ Sammy is not there!

Just added it!

Have no idea how I could have forgotten track 4?

Best of Bodypump 40 - 49

No one has voted for releases 40 - 41 and 46.

40 0.00% No Votes
41 0.00% No Votes
42 11.76%
43 11.76%
44 5.88%
45 11.76%
46 0.00% No Votes
47 17.65%
48 (One Of Us Celebration.) 5.88%
48 (Evergreen) 17.65%
49 (Best of) 17.65%

The poll will be up till the end of the week, I am using the stats in a research project I am working on!

If you love 40 - 41 and 46 please vote for them!

Official Bodypump Banner 2005 - 2006.

On the right of the blogg is the new official "Bodypump" Banner. It has the Les Mills Logo and the Bodypump Logo strapped together.

It replaces the old one with "Body Training Systems" as the strap.

Thanks to Les Mills International the kind usage of thier logos and material on this blog site!

Happy New Year for 2006

Well it has been a great year for Bodypump and for all the Les Mills Programmes.

I would like to thank everyone for visiting this blog site this year.

The aim of the site is to introduce new music and also the latest and greatest "Barbell" class that the world has or every will know and the releases - music and artists of the releases, with the occasional technical tip and general information on the wider Les Mills Community.

I also like to extend the thoughts of the season to "Tami and Craig" & "Reymond" for connecting to my community here.

I like to thank the good guys at Les Mills International for their help and support over the last several months, for if it was not for their help and assistance this site would not have been possible.

Many good wishes for the coming year 2006 and for Bodypump 57 to kick off the year and in the middle of the year Bodypump 60 which should be a landmark release. I can't believe that I have done in excess of 39 Bodypumps in that time :)

Special thanks to "Michael J Mc Sweeney" and "Phillip Mills" for without then we would have not had Bodypump!

In January 2006 we will have a new Home Page which will be ready then :)

kia ora and a happy and prosperous new year to all!

Thursday, December 29, 2005


© 2005 Kate Ceberano

I just wanted to share the music of this wonderful Australian performer Kate Ceberano with the rest of the world.

I have been following her career since the 1980's and her music is outstanding.

Kate recorded 19 Days in New York in 2004 please do yourself a favour check out that CD the CD contains:

At Last, Fever, Higher And Higher, I Had A Talk With My Man Last Night, Let It Be Me, Natural Woman, Seven Day Fool, Since I Fell For You, Wanted: Lover, No Experience Necessary, Will You Still Love Me Tomorrow.

Kate has had over 18 CD's to her name!

Kate is one of Australias hotest peformers.

Enjoy :)


Some really cool wallpapers for your desktop there.

While you are there listen to Let Me Love You "Da Buzz" from an outstanding Bodypump 41 :)

Wednesday, December 28, 2005


Well this is exciting news for Australian Les Mills Instructors.

Fitness Australia has a rigorous Registration Process:
Under the New Arrangement there is to be two registration categories for (Group Exercise Instructor.)

They are:

Choreographed: (Requires a statement of attainment from a recognized training program (Cert 3 + Statement of Attainment) Group Exercise Specialty.

Pre-Choreographed: (Requires a statement of attainment from a recognized training program (Cert 3 + at least Gym Instructor Module.) and have completed a pre-choreographed training program (Les Mills – Radical Fitness.) from where I am from.

That gives you registration as a Group Exercise Instructor.

This is a landmark for instructors who have completed their Cert 3 and Gym Instructor (specialization) and have completed a pre-choreographed training program.

This comes into effect as of 1st December 2005.

When updating your specilaisation and re-registering you now can register as: Group Exercise Instructor (Pre-Choreographed.)

Source: Inside Fitness p16 Issue 18 Summer 2005


© 2005 Roadrunner Records

They are a Canadian Act.

They are:

Tyler Connolly - - Dean Back - David Brenner and Brent Fitz.

Bio can be seen on their website.

This is their Second CD"Gasoline" their first is "Theory of a Deadman"

If you like Nickelback then their music is def worth listening to. No Suprise is the first offering of their CD.


1. Hating Hollywood 2. No Way Out 3. No Suprise 4. Quiver 5. Santa Monica 6. Better Off (Can be heard on their Website.) 7. Say Goodbye8. Hello Lonely (Can be heard on their Website.) 9. Me & My Girl10. Since You've Been Gone 11. Hell Just Ain't The Same 12. Save The Best For Last 13. In The Middle

It is a pretty cool CD :)

They have two versions of their CD one is clean the other is Explicit.

Please check their website where you can see and watch their gear (Quicktime Required.)


Here it is:

Real informative and there is details of a New Zealand flights and times and details of trips to New Zealand to experience the Les Mills filming and Releases.

There is some information on Aquadynamic.

© 2006 Les Mills International

I wish we had Aquadynamic here since it is the ideal climate for such a class.

In some parts of the world its called PowerPool!

Tuesday, December 27, 2005


I have a few, the only one for here is to make posts here more smaller and more to the point.

Lets hope I can stick to that one.

Try not to say everything is "Awesome"


My first ever end of year review, this is a personal viewpoint! Based on tracks I like and the whole feel of the track and its enjoyment level.

Reviewing this year in Bodypump the year began with Bodypump 53 and ended with Bodypump 56 for the final release of 2005.

Keeping it brief and simple.

Best Track 1 of 2005: Rise (Safri Duo feat. Clark Anderson.)
Best Track 2 of 2005: Voodoo Child (Rogue Traders)
Best Track 3 of 2005: Sweetest Poison (Nu Pagadi)
Best Track 4 of 2005: Why (DJ Sammy.) ties with Here I am (Send Me an Angel) Jan Wayne feat. Charlene
Best Track 5 of 2005: California (C.O Club Orientated.) ties with Don’t Panic (Logo Feat. Dawn Joseph.)
Best Track 6 of 2005: Save a Horse Ride a Cowboy (Big and Rich.) ties with Galvanize (The Chemical Brothers.) with special mention to Gonna Make You Sweat (C & C Music Factory.)
Best Track 7 of 2005: Love Comes Again (DJ Tiesto feat. BT.) ties with Wonderful Life (Tina Cousins.)

Best Track 8 of 2005: I Get Up (INXS)
Best Track 9 of 2005: Yeah feat. Lil Jon and Ludacris (Usher)
Best Track 10 of 2005: When we Were Kings (Brian McKnight and Diana King.)

Best DVD Release of 2005: Bodypump 55 (Feat Michael J McSweeney – Geoff Taylor – Amy Barnes.)

Most Inspirational Moment: Tommy K (Run to You) Bodypump 54, and I Get Up (INXS) Michael - Geoff and Amy, amd Galvanise (The Chemical Brothers.)

Favorite Release of 2005: Bodypump 55 without a doubt now my favorite Bodypump of all time.

Hardest Track of 2005: I Get Up (INXS) ties with Hear I am Send Me an Angel (Jan Wayne / Charlene.)

Best Poster for 2005: Bodypump 56.

Favorite Workshop of 2005 Quarter 2 of 2005 was a highlight of this year.

Best Video performance of 2005 Geoff Taylor on Bodypump 55 simply awesome and of course Michael J McSweeny!

This has been a awesome year for Bodypump :)

That’s it!

Bring on Bodypump 57 2006!


I know it's unusual for this blog to carry this kind of article. However, I have great respect Kerry Packer the richest man in Australia.

It is with sad regret that he died on the 27th December 2005.

He is survived by his children Gretel and James Packer.

Kerry bought world series cricket to Australia and bought international rugby league to the forefront in Australian sport. The man was passionate about his sport and was a college and high school sporting champion.

This is a real sad day for Australia.

Sunday, December 25, 2005


From Norway comes Annie - Anne Lilia Berge Strand this is her first release and I caught the music on Video Hits and liked her debut single here "Heartbeat" which looked an awesome video.

If you visit her URL you can hear her single "Heartbeat" her other singles are "Chewing Gum" and "Anniemal"

I love her music :) it is infectious.


1. Intro 2. Chewing Gum 3. Always Too Latec 4. Me Plus One 5. Heartbeat 6. Helaless Fool For ove 7. Anniemal 8. No Easy Love 9. Happy Without You 10. Greatest Hit 11. Come Together 12. My Best Friend

Annie is going to rock the world in 2006.

Check her forum at:

There are so many awesome solo singers out today. I hope that everyone loves the music of "Annie"

Check out : for a complete Bio of her and he music.

Now listening to: >>>>>>>>> Annie >>>Greatest Hits

Christmas is a special time of year!

Peace to all and Goodwillt to all!

Saturday, December 24, 2005


I wish everyone a merry christmas and a happy new year for 2006 :)

Friday, December 23, 2005


These guys are a Melboure based group and I think their music is awesome. I discovered their music today via a web billboard. So followed their link and foud their website.

Kisschasy's bio can be found on their website!

Kisschasy is Darren Cordeux, Sean Thomas, Joel Vanderuit & Karl Ammitzboll. Their average age is 20 and already they are creating a stir. These guys hail from Mornington Peninsula in Victoria. UNITED PAPER PEOPLE was recorded with producer Phil McKellar and mixed in Seattle with Barrett Jones. Watch Kisschasy explode in the big time in the next 12 months.
© 2005 Below Par
The CD was released August 1, 2005. The CD was out for a-while.

Do-Do's & Whoa-Oh's is their first release out. There is a video for this track on their website.

Their first release is United Paper People and by hearing their music on their site they are a pretty cool group.

 © 2005 Below Par

Track List :

1. Do-Do's & Whoa-Oh's 2. With Friends Like You Who Needs Friends? 3. Morning 4. This Bed 5. Hearing Voices Tonight 6. Interlude 7. Water On A Stove 8. The Shake 9. Face Without A Name 10. United Paper People 11. Ione Skye 12. Black Dress

They have a forum at:

I am going to join that forum :) it looks pretty busy over there.

If you get a chance please listen to their music :)


If this is Mike's last every Bodypump and the class ends with Il Divo then this is going to be one very special class indeed. I can't express my thoughts at this time as it is just begining to sink in. The whole reason why Bodypump is so popular is because Michael put so much time and effort into this and his other sucessful program RPM which he created and choreographed until recently. Bodypump to me is Michael J McSweeney and his vision of Bodypump and the music that he has selected from PowerPump 1 to the PUMP series and then eventually to what we know as Bodypump today.
The music for this release is awesome, if only time was on our side we may never get to see what Michael would have choreographed in future releases. Maybe we will have no more E-Type, Jackie O etc... but what Michael has given is an awesome set of choreography and music for the everyone to exercise to.
I will sadly miss the work of Michael J McSweeney it has been a pleasure being here for that and also to experience the world of Bodypump by the one and only Michael J McSweeney AKA PumpFrog and Mr Bodypump.
Kia ora

This is from the Bristish site:

A strong focus on the core is the central theme for the new class and underlines its key role as the body's powerhouse and main source of strength and stability in BODYPUMP.

Participants will also benefit from our extra advice to instructors on the increasing importance of platework in the programme and on the best way to mix and match tracks from previous classes.

The new release warms up with the uplifting Come To Me from Tina Cousins - now is the time to check your posture and technique for the specialist tracks to come.

Then we hit the leg muscles for a big calorie burn-up and heart rate raiser. Infernal's From Paris to Berlin is a great tune for inspiring the workout and freeing up those happy endorphins. Push It brings with it some challenging tempo changes in the chest track and you'll need all the recovery you can get in the back track - the four working phases are hard graft.

Great sounds from Cascada and Scissor Sisters help everyone nail the triceps and biceps before the Black Eyed Peas remind us what we're here for with Pump It!

Check out the double pulse in the lunges and the extra platework in the shoulder track before heading home with the Pussycat Dolls and an awesome stretch with Il Divo.

Bodypump 57 1/4 one February 2006

(Choreographed by Michael J McSweeney) Product Manager - Choreographer Bodypump 1 - 57.

Tracklist from Sizzler:

01. Come To Me - Tina Cousins
02. Paris to Berlin - Infernal
03. Push It -
04. - Cascada
05. - Scissor Sisters
06. Pump It - Black Eyed Peas
07. -
08. Rock Star - N.E.R.D
09. Don't Cha - Pussycat Dolls
10. - Il Divo

© 2006 Les Mills International

My review of Cascada on this blog:

My review of Infernal on the Bodypump Blog:

My review of Il Divo on the Bodybalance Blog:

Thursday, December 22, 2005


There is some evidence that children have a lower anaerobic capacity.

In addition, there are 6 stages of development. In a typical Bodypump class you would have children at Stage 5 (Puberty 10 - 14) and Stage 6 (Adolescent 14 - 17) years of age.

In stage 5 boys are less co-ordinated they need some additional instruction in class. There is some evidence that girls at stage 5 give up exercise to an extent between at this stage because of social issues (developmental) issues and misconceptions about exercise and developing muscles which comes from peer pressure via social situations (group dynamics .)

In stage 6 there is a refocus on their fitness goals (sports) are at the forefront in education and they now are in a period of social discourse. (Selman 1980) describes the process of In depth societic symbolic perspective taking. It is at this stage that teenagers seem to be more receptive to social conditioning and also ready for the physical
adaptations to exercise.

In saying this, children need to be taught self-responsiveness in classes "Les Mills Bodypump" there are developmental issues going and teenagers need to be taught how to accept responsibility for their exercise and also how to use self judgment in the selection of weights and choosing exercise options. The development of is called "Formal Operation" you need to give instruction and make sure that their is some social cognition occurring in their Bodypump Class.

The other barrier is Inclusive and Inclusion Instruction and being able to integrate the teenager into the aerobics room and develop social cognition with others in the room.

This then leads to the issue should children lift weights?

Many people ask this question, and yes is the answer.

As long as they are over the age of 13 and supervised. According to resources I have:

Ensure thorough warm-up is performed (yes we have that in Bodypump)
Concentrate on large muscle groups (yes Bodypump does train large muscle groups.)
Primary focus should new on technique and with lighter weights (yes we encourage that with Bodypump.)
Do not work to failure (Bodypump does not work to failure.)
Ensure that children are supervised at all times (yes the classes are supervised by the Bodypump Instructor.)
Make sure that you do not exercise the teenager to fatigue - make sure that they use their is adequate stretches after each section of Bodypump.

There are some basic guidelines that need to be developed.

Ensure that the adolescents attending the class are well instructed prior to them commencing the class. Arrange some time before the class to make sure that they are aware of the class - structure of the class - rules and regulations for them attending the class.

Make the class fun making sure that the teenagers attending the class are made aware of what they should be doing.

Make sure that the teenagers that come to the class do a warmup this is non conditional and should be done.

Make sure that the equipment is safe and that they are made aware of the correct usage and storage procedures of equipment.

They need to be supervised at all times (make sure that they are at least in the front two rows of the class.)

Mix up the music for the classes you have with them to avoid them being distracted week by week with you using the same music all the time.

If you do the above then the class is run effectivley and the class is safe for teenagers and stage 5 puberty children.


It has just been confirmed that Whitney Huston's new CD will be released Fall 2006.

Bodypump appearances:

10 BP 30 When you believe Mariah Carey and Whitney Houston
5 BP 33 My love is your love Whitney Houston

Bodybalance appearances:

6 BB 13 If I Told You That Whitney Houston & George Michael - Whitney Huston
6 BB 24 My Love Is Your Love Whitney Houston

So expect the first single from the CD mid 2006 :)

Wednesday, December 21, 2005


Garry Hart did a wonderful article on how to build your own Group Fitness Studio for $10,000 dollars Australian.

It can be done and if you read the article by Garry Hart and follow what he says it is possible to own your own Group Fintess Studio and franchise in any of the wonderful programs offered by Les Mills International.

If you have July 2005 Revolution page 18 Garry explains it all there :)


Manuela Berchtold is an awsome Bodypump - Bodybalance Instructor from Australia she is featured in the July 2005 Revolution.

If you go to the Les Mills Australia/Asia Pacific site and download a copy of Revolution she is featured on page 9 of July 2005 issue.

Now what can one say Bodypump and Bodybalance are just the best Les Mills Programmes :) IMO

Damian King is also a convert to the world of Les Mills (see article in the Bodybalance/Flow) Blogger Site :)


Where I am from Les Mills Australia/Asia-Pacific has a new clothing catalogue coming out in January 2006. I suppose thats going to replace the clothing being available at the 1/4. I must admit I like the clothing at the 1/4's it adds something magic to the whole 1/4 experience.

The 1/4 before August 2004 we had no clothing there and the atmosphere outside of the masterclasses was a bit flat. We had a clearance sale at the last 1/4 and the clothing was back for its last sale before the new gear comes out the feel outside of the room was electric.

I like the clothing at the 1/4 and I suppose if it ever does go and everyone is in cyberspace buying their gear we loose a certain aspect of the 1/4?

I suppose I like Retail Theraphy :)


On the back cover of Revolution we have a great advertisement for Microphones they have three suggested types for Les Mills Classes.

Aeromic (Great for group Fitness Instructors.) Bodystep - Combat - Attack - Pump - Jam.

Cyclemic (Great for Bike Classes.) RPM

E-Mic (Great for Yoga Classes.) Bodybalance/Flow.

Their URL is:

Check out their gear they are Les Mills Australia /Asia-Pacific approved.

Don't you just hate it when someone bends the microphone and also does not re-charge the battery and then the old favorite the microphone simply does not work and you use tons of visual cues etc...


I am apart of a forum that is non Les Mills Bodypump.

Well we have a record we have over 168,000 replies in one thread and over 1,200,456 views of the thread going back at least 6 years :)

Is that a record or what? :)


If you have any comments about the site or find anything that is an error or wrong please sign my guest book please :)


Welcome to the Les Mills International Spanish Forum to the Blog site.

I have been a member over there since 14 Jul 2004 if you speak Spanish or Portugues then you can connect to them over there, I speak spanish and portugues so guess what my name is over there :)

Tuesday, December 20, 2005


One of my favorite tracks of all time is "West End Girls" by "The Pet Shop Boys".

Pet Shop Boys was formed by Neil Tennant and Chris Lowe in 1983.

Well the guys are back April 2006 when they release their long awaited and anticipated CD called "Fundamental"

Who could not forget track 9 in Bodypump 19 & track 8 Mission Impossible a darned good shoulder track from that release. Some of the tracks in this release appear in the Best of Series of Bodypump 49 / 48 (depends on what part of the world you are from.)

Bodypump 19

1 BP 19 Run To Me Double You
2 BP 19 Sweet Dreams La Bouche
3 BP 19 Sing Hallelujah ! Dr Alban 49
4 BP 19 Tonight Is The Night La Bouche
5 BP 19 To Go Crazy Lee Mamu
6 BP 19 Humping Around Bobby Brown 49
7 BP 19 Love is a Battlefield Rochelle 49
8 BP 19 Mission Impossible Larry Mullen & Adam Clayton Bodypump Mix 1
9 BP 19 Paninaro Pet Shop Boys
10 BP 19 Nothing Like the Rain 2 Unlimited 49

Their CD won't be availabe till 17th April 2006.

The CD is produced by Trevor Horn.

Possible Tracklist:

Introduction track (title unknown) - Casanova in hell - I made my excuses and left - Integral - Luna Park - Minimal - Numb - Psycological - The resurrectionist.

Mininal is the first single out and should be out early April 2006 :)

This is a huge scoop and hope that this release takes off big time :)

Check: for updates!


The Glamorous Life was originally released by Sheila E in the 1980's. Now it is back by Melissa Tkautz who has remade the single. Melissa is an Australian Actor who has appeared in Paradise Beach which was filmed down the Gold Coast Queensland. The set for the show is about 40 minutes away from where I live. Her discography can be found on her home page.

The track was written by Prince for Sheila E.

On December 04th 2005 her latest offering is going to be released. I have been waiting a long time to hear any new music from Melissa and hopefully she wont disappoint with her new CD. The other hit from the CD was "All I want" which is a awesome song as well.

© 2005 RAJON


1. All I Want (2nd Single Out.)
2. Southern Son
3. Breakaway
4. True Love
5. Glamorous Life (1st Single Out.)

Top of Screen Video :)

6. Blink
7. Waiting
8. Lies
9. Gotta Know
10. Goodbye Daddy

Bonus Tracks

Sexy is the Word 05 (Radio Edit)
Sexy is the Word 05 (Club Version)

Sexy is the Word 05 is a awesome film clip and video totally hot hot hot, my keyboard is melting :)

Do youself a favour check out her music and the video for The Glamorous Life it should not disappoint :) If you click on each track you can hear samples of her music from her forthcoming CD.

Melissa and her music is infectious and hopefully someone would suggest her music to the good people at Les Mills for up and coming releases in 2006.

Her bio can be found at:

Enjoy :)

Monday, December 19, 2005


Was listening to Cher like we all do :)

Well I heard her single "The Musics no Good Without You" track 4 on her The Best of Cher.

Well that track would be a cracker track 5 in any Bodypump Class. :)

Why can't Cher be a biceps or a triceps track in Bodypump (insert question mark icon.)

I adore the music of Cher and she has never been used in any Les Mills Class ever (insert shock icon here.)

Well I take that back:

Checked my Access Les Mills Catalogue:

1 BA 24 Believe Cher
5 BS 38 All Or Nothing (Almighty Mix) Cher
1 BA 26 Strong Enough Cher
3 BJ 15 Dove l'amore Cher

All or Nothing was a awesome step track in 1999 :) Bodystep 37 ain't half bad either :)


From Paris to Berlin is taking the dance scene by storm :) On their website you can hear Loved Like a Maniac and Ten Miles. Which are awesome tracks.


© 2005 Sony/Columbia Records

Bo was featured here at:

Bo Bice the runner up from American Idol has his bedut CD out now. The CD is called "The Real Thing"


01. The Real Thing
02. You're Everything
03. U Make Me Better
04. Nothing Without You (1st single out.)
05. My World
06. Remember Me
07. Hold On To Me
08. Lie...It's Alright
09. It's My Life
10. Willing To Try
11. Valley Of Angels

Nothing without you is the first single out.

The CD is out on Dual Disk which means that you get twice the Bice in two formats. Simply play Side A and then play Side B in a DVD (Dual Diskcompatiblele player :)

Please support The Bice Army and the talent of Bo Bice.



On the 31st January 2006 Train will release their new CD "For Me, It's You" who can not forget their massvie track 10 "Calling all Angels" from Bodypump 49 (Aust.) which Girlsundae a fellow Les Mills Instructor requested. I requested "Bring Me to Life" the biceps track from that release and Get Me Some Mercury 4. Bodypump 49 is outstanding and took us a good 8 months to get where I am from. It is Bodypump 48 rest of the world.

Bodypump 48:

© 2003 Les Mills International

1 BP 48 Evergreen Bell Lawrenece 2 BP 48 Pride Joanna 3 BP 48 Who said stuck in the UK Planet Funk 4 BP 48 Stay Déjà vu Feat. Tasmin 5 BP 48 Kothahitanga Oceania 6 BP 48 Bring me to life Evenescense 7 BP 48 I belive Sash!8 BP 48 U Can't Touch This Beam vrs Cyrus feat MC Hammer 9 BP 48 Get Me Some Mercury 4 10 BP 48 Calling all Angles Train (requested by girlsundae.)

Here is a refresher on Bodypump 49 - 48 - 49 the whole story can be found here:



1. All I Ever Wanted
2. Get Out
3. Cab
4. Give Myself To You
5. Am I Reaching You Now
6. If I Can't Change Your Mind
7. All I Hear
8. Shelter Me
9. Explanation
10. Always Remember
11. I'm Not Waiting In Line
12. Skyscraper
13. For Me, It's You

The CD wont be out till January 2006 :(.

Sunday, December 18, 2005


Reviewed her music here awhile back:

Well she now has her own entry in Wikipedia check it out. Her CD is awesome :)


I was going to start with the teens but skipped to the 40's will go back to the teens next.

Special mention to Bodypump 45 it is in a whole league of its own. So that one was omitted. The last block from 48 - 49 will be a separate block.

This is my alltime favorites (retrospective.) from Bodypump 40 - 43. Will do them in blocks

01. I'm Gonna Getcha Good! Jackie 'O' "Bodypump 46 ties with Save Tonight Jackie 'O' Bodypump 43

I,m Gonna Getcha Good I selected that one because I asked for it, I got it and complained about it and was told "You suggested it so stop complaining." Save Tonight because Jackie O is Bodypump to me. I love Jackie O a lot.

02. Now we are free Dreamgate Bodypump 40 and Send me an angle Mythos N DJ Cosmo Bodypump 41.

Those tracks are hard core squat tracks awesome choreography by Michael. If you have done those two tracks then they are classic squat tracks.

03. Enter Sandman Metalica Bodypump 43 and Spente Le Stelle Opera Trance Bodypump 40.

I speak to a lot of instructors and they are shocked that I think Enter Sandman is one of the best chest tracks ever, Metalica for chest who knew it it would rock my world. Spente Le Stelle from release 40. I have visions of Donna McCourt toe tapping to this one on the video and Lisa Osborne was so cool on the video of this release. Michael chosen so very different tracks from opposite polls apart and they work so well awesome.

04. Life E - Type Bodypump 40.

Life is just awesome E-Type are a good track 4. Life is one of the most energetic tracks ever.

05. Stranger in the House Tamia Bodypump 40.

I love this track and think it is a great triceps track ever and gets a good vote here for a excellent workout. For those who have done Tamia's selection surely can agree on that.

06. Ice Ice Baby Vanilla Ice Bodypump 40 and Eye of the tiger Heart Attack Bodypump 42.

Ice Ice Baby what can one say slow and painfull and a wicked track for a biceps track and polls apart is Eye of the tiger from release 42.

07. Set You Free N-Trance Bodypump 42 and Feel the Beat Darude Bodypump 40.

Man what pain in a lunge track hard core tracks. If you have done these tracks then they are the type of track that says "Hello Legs" now say "Bye Bye Legs" they completely shatter the legs.

08. We Will Survive Warp Brothers Bodypump 43 and Rock Da Funky Beats Public Domain Feat. Chuck D. Bodypump 40.

Like hardcore shoulder tracks the two above are hardcore. We will Survive creeps up on you heavy beats and tons of variations in exercises. The music so fits the exercises. Trance music is so shoulders. Rock Da Funky Beats what can one say Public Domain a great shoulder workout.

09. Paid my dues Anastacia Bodypump 41 and One Day In Your Life Anastacia Bodypump 43.

Anastacia's provides the best music for abs and Shakira also but for pure abs Anastacia does it for me.

10. Thankyou Dido Bodypump 42 and A New Day Has Come Celine Dion Bodypump 43.

They are the best stretch tracks ever. Teaching A New Day Has Come has to be done perfect. I hate it when you go to another instructors class and they don't do those two tracks right. It ruins a perfect class. Stretch tracks have to be done according to the rules and choreo Bodypump 43 and Bodypump 42 deserve perfection and nothing but that IMO.

Thats from Bodypump 40 - 43 next 44 - 46. Which should be even hard to restrospect.


Saturday, December 17, 2005


Have your say on the best of 40 series the poll is going to be here for 2 weeks only. So please vote away and make your vote count.

The teens - 2o's - 30's and 50's are coming. :)

Thanks :)


© 2005 Euphonic

Chronoscale the CD by massive DJ Mirco De Govia "Vital Spark" is his latest offering. New CD is coming in 2006 which is good because his last full CD was awhile ago. Things that Matter is a highlight from Chronoscale this CD :) the CD was recorded in 2003 but well worth the listening to.


01. Dayturn 02. Epic monolith 03. Metatalk 04. Aura indigo 05. Voller sterne 06. Dive in the Ocean 07. Things that matter 08. Wearing the fear 09. Time travel 10. Mindspring 11. Final emotion 12. Nightscape

Check his site please his music is really great trance :)


Now over 305 posts on this site in over 1 year :) by Dec 2006 over 700 posts :) hopefully :) and the Release "Bodypump 60" to come :)


sonorous \suh-NOR-us; SAH-nuh-rus\, adjective:

1. Giving sound when struck; resonant; as, sonorous metals.
2. Loud-sounding; giving a clear or loud sound; as, a sonorous voice.
3. Yielding sound; characterized by sound; as, the vowels are sonorous.
4. Impressive in sound; high-sounding.

Copyright © 2005, Lexico Publishing Group, LLC.

Since breaking through with his "Glass Garden" single, Sonorous has come to the attention of thousand of clubbers worldwide. With the follow up releases "Second Sun" and "Protonic" on Euphonic and Lost Language, he entered the record bags of global players like Paul Oakenfold, Tiesto or Paul van Dyk and continued to strengthen his position within the scene. Over the last four years he's lent a hand on tracks by Sinéad O'Connor, Mirco de Govia, Quivver, Above&Beyond giving them his very own special progressive touch.

His groovy DJ sets comprise a wide range of styles including bass, harmonies and emotions. Whether its as resident DJ at the monthly Euphonic nights in Berlin or his bookings around the globe - Sonorous is one of the few DJs who know how to combine grooves and beautiful sounds to make everybody's backside move!



Protonic (Ronski Speed Mix) is an awesome piece of music and Sonorous "Last Sunday (Positive Ways Mix)" from is website is awesome.
The music below is available for listening to on his site.
Sonorous "Protonic (Leama & Moor Remix)" Monster Force 2005
Sonorous "Last Sunday (Positive Ways Mix)" Euphonic 2005
Space Manouvers "Quadrant 4 (Sonorous Mix)" Lost Language 2005
Above & Beyond "No One On Earth (Sonorous Remix)" Euphonic 2004
Kyau vs. Albert "Not With You (Sonorous' Venus Transit Mix)" Euphonic 2004
Sonorous "Last Sunday (Sonorous' Unimatrix Zero Mix)“ Euphonic 2004
Sonorous "Last Sunday" Euphonic 2004
Miro "By Your Side (Sonorous' Bright Side Mix)" Euphonic 2004

Check his website and his music out :) tons to listen to and enjoy :)

Friday, December 16, 2005



© 2005 Les Mills International

Bodypump began the year with release 53. Video presenters were Michael J McSweeny - Susan Tolj and Tommy K I have had the pleasure of being in masterclasses being presented by the three above and recently caught up with Tommy K in November this year at our 1/4. I could not stay for Bodypump 2 I wish I did Tommy K's class as they are always a real highlight of the 1/4. I just love going to Tommy K's classes.

01.Only If I - Kate Ryan
02.Beds are Burning - Novaspace
03.Push Up - Freestylers
04.Hold Your Horses - E- Type
05.Don't Panic - Logo feat. Dawn Joseph

06.Save a Horse Ride a Cowboy - Big and Rich
07 Love Comes again - DJ Tiesto
08.Back to Back - Bomfunk Mc's
09.Yeah - Usher
10.When we were Kings - Brian McKnight/Diana King

The release begins with Kate Ryan and Only If a real happy track to begin with Kate Ryan is bring the class to focus and sets the pace for the class. Susan presents this track first. I love her work :) Susan is a Bodypump Technician "meaning that she is a machine at doing Bodypump" and her technique is so 100 % precise. Rise from Bodypump 54 is my favorite from the 50's series of Bodypump. However Kate Ryan from Bodypump 50 and Bodypump 53 is outstanding.

Track 2 is Beds are Burning an awesome squat track Tommy K presented this track at our 1/4 this year. I love his style of Bodypump really hard core. He gave me some awesome advice while doing track 4 at a 1/4 in 2003 I really appreciated the time he took in encouraging me and to CRC me so well. Michael Bridges does the same she knows her craft so well and always CRC's to perfection I love her style of teaching. Beds are Burning is a grunt track 2. Load up Rack up and Squat.
Bodystep Connection:
Novaspace first appeared in Bodystep 51 track 1 "Time After Time" I love that track and the whole Bodystep 51 - Choreographed by Mark Nuu. Out of the 50's series of Bodystep 51 and 55 are outstanding and love Bodystep 59. If you ever get the chance do Bodystep 51. Had the pleasure of Mark Nuu and Lisa Osborne teaching me Bodystep at our 1/4.
I love Bodystep and early next year I am going to train in Bodystep. Bring it on :)
Mark and Lisa are simply the most awesome Bodystep Trainers ever. If you ever get to New Zealand check out Marks and Lisa's classes :)
Bodystep 51:

Time After Time (After Time Club Mix) Novaspace (Requested by Myself) thanks Mark Nuu for using that track!
Get Over You Sophie Ellis Bextor
Same Old Brand New You (Almighty Mix) A1 (Requested by JM.)
I Got My Pride Barry Harris Feat. Pepper Mashay
Flash's Theme U96
I'll Find A Way E - Type
Rock The Discotech Orgasmatron
Dance With Me Debelah Morgan
Freeze Frame J. Geils Band (Requested by Gumby.)
Don't Leave Me This Way (Almighty Mix) Sheena Easton
Alive (Thunderpuss Club Mix) Jennifer Lopez
The Tide Is High (Get The Feeling) (Radio Version) Atomic Kitten.

That Bodystep thread was the longest thread ever :)

Bodystep 55:

Wanna Get Up 2 Unlimited Get Down On It Peter Andre Everybody Get Up Five Don't Stop Gloria Estefan Feel It The Tamperer feat. Maya Boys & Flygirls Bomfunk MC's 100% Pure Love Crystal Waters Let's Get Loud Jennifer Lopez Neutron Dance The Pointer Sisters Final Countdown Miriam Stockley Can't Take My Eyes Off You Hermes House Band Back To The World Tevin Campbell

Bodystep 59:

Superstar - Karaka I'm right here - Samantha Mumba Born to be alive - Voyage 2000 Red blooded woman - Shee Poppin' da bazz - DJ RPM Cum on feel the noize party - Playaz Turn it up - Oaktown's 3.5.7 Girls are here to party - Koda I want candy - Rhythm twins Fighter - Kopy kats My prerogative - Rod Michael Take my breath away - Jessica Simpson

Bodystep 61 is simply the best ever :)

Track 3 Push Up one of the best track 3's of 2006. Mike is awesome as usual and "Nasty" is the best way Mike describes this track a real ouch track. Much like The Final Countdown by Europe from 33 I think. Just love the ending of this track. Mike choreography so well track 3's in any release. The lyrics are wicked and what a awesome track.

Track 4 E-Type come back to Bodypump and Hold Your Horses is the name of the track. Love E-Type and this track a real sing along track. The theme for this release is Hold Your Horses. I think Tommy K presented this track. He did a awesome job as usual :)'"We clearly need more E-Type" in Bodypump :)

Track 5 is Don't Panic Logo. I may have requested that track or may have not a-while ago. Logo and Dawn French are awesome. The track has an awesome ending and one of my favorites of 2005 :)

Track 6 is Save a Horse Ride a Cowboy :) man what a name for a track, thinking about the track I guess it is one of my favs on this release. We clearly need to save our horses :) The only country track ever in Bodypump as a track 6 and set the mood for the release. Just love playing the bar as a guitar. A totally wicked track and really good singalong :)

Track 7 Love comes again by Tiesto and the highlight track on release 53. I love trance music, keeping it simple means so much in a lunge track :). Now one of my favorites ever! I simply think that this lunge track will go down as a classic lunge track that Mike has choreographed to perfection as usual :)

Track 8 Back to Back Tommy K was awesome doing this track. Another highlight track from release 53. Mike picks the best tracks for shoulders and this track is def a keeper track for many years from Bodypump 53.

Track 9 Yeah. I love Usher and his music and Mike introduced a new training phase with this track and totally re- invented the abs track from the ground up with this track.

Track 10 When We Were Kings ends the class this is a highlight track from year 2005. They were meant to have another track as a track 10. At the last minute this track became the ending track for Bodypump 53. I am happy that this track is track 10 for Bodypump 53.

A highlight track from Bodypump 2005 Quarter 1!

Release 53 is a 10/10 release expertly choreographed by Michael J McSweeney.


You are going to love release 57, by what I have been told and know it is going to be the best work ever of Michael J Mc Sweeney.

Cannot wait till February 2006 :)


Thursday, December 15, 2005


I am going to go through all my media (tapes and cd's.) choreographed by Michael J Mc Sweeney and put together a tribute to each series of releases.

First: Bodypump 17 - 19
Second: Bodypump 20 - 29
Third: Bodypump 30 - 39
Fourth: Bodypump 40 - 49
Fifth: Bodypump 50 - 56

Outlining what I think are the best and most awesome tracks in each series. It is going to be tough choice in tracks.

Bodypump 17 - 19 coming this weekend :)

kia ora


Wednesday, December 14, 2005


On Tami's and Craigs site there is an article on Michael J McSweeney essentially leaving Bodypump.

More news is forthcoming!

There has been a few anonymous comments on their site. Someone has the inside information on this.

It has been a pleasure presenting the work of Michael J McSweeny Bodypump 57 is going to be a very special release.

I have fond memories of a great masterclass presented by Michael - Michelle Bridges and Alani presenting Bodypump 40 and was pleasure being taught by PumpFrog Michael J McSweeney at the 1/4 when he came over in 2002.

Tracklist Bodypump 40:

Perfect Moment Mary Griffin
Now we are free Dreamgate
Spente Le Stelle Opera Trance
Boom Boom Chayanne
Stranger in the House Tamia
Ice Ice Baby Vanilla Ice
Feel the Beat Darude
Rock Da Funky Beats Public Domain Feat. Chuck D.
Have you ever seen the rain Inner Circle
We are the champions Robbie Williams

Kia ora



Just noticed on the brochure above that slogan :) a really good concept :)



© Les Mills North America 2005 All Rights Reserved

In the USA and Canada you can get "The Getting Started Brochures" for all Les Mills Programs and assorted promotional materials on-line now.

I think thats a good idea :) participants need to know the goss before they do a Les Mills Class and get informed about the programs they are training in. So, if you are in the USA/Canada areas that are serviced by Les Mills North America maybe your instructor can get them and have them available to you as a participant in any of the Les Mills classes. Some gyms where I am from have 30 minute technique classes now in Bodypump which is a good thing for newer participants in the classes, and a refresh for the seasoned Bodypumper out there.

Quite often people don't C & P right and Squat and Lunge right etc....

I hope that they arrive Downunder sometime next year.

What an awesome idea :)

Tuesday, December 13, 2005


Well I am shocked (insert disbelief icon here.)

Wonders how long it will be here for this time around :)


Samer Issa is an outstanding act. He sang an awesome version of "Broken Wings" by "Mr Mister" who had a massive hit also with "Kiria" who's lead singer is Richard Page who was a backup singer for Lionel Ritchie, who had 2 massive songs in Bodypump All Night Long and Angel Richard performed backup on All Night Long from Bodypump 49 and Pump 21 now back to Samer.

His style is R&B meets backstreet boys meets soul and funk! Like his song "Adorable" from his debut CD "Busted" which is an awesome CD :)


© 2004 Sony/BMG


Busted - Hold Me Tight - Broken Wings – Adorable – Smile - Mind Blowing -Wazz Up – Cítím - Shake it - Když jsem sám – Babylon - Let Me Apologize


© 2004 Sony/BMG


Intro - Move (feat Martina Balogová) - Breath - Až zastavíme čas - Just The Girl - Cold Wind Break - The Silence - Come And Get It - Chtel bych - Hot And Wet (duet s Victorií)- Beautiful Feeling - Sister - My Rapsong.

If you like Justin Timberlake or simply like good music that has positive grooves then check his gear out. I did and am already hooked in Samer Issa and his music :) Check his site link above out and listen to his remarkable music and his songs. Martina Balogova is an outstanding singer she does duet called Move on his second CD.

Check out his CD's please :)

Check out his forum please at:

Monday, December 12, 2005


Dan England is to join Shannon Noll in his "Lift" national tour. Shannon was runner up to Guy Sebastian from Australian Idol 2003. Dan will be Shannons support act for the National Tour in 2005 - 6.

Hopefully Dan will have a CD next year :)


© 2005 Sony/BMG © 2005 Sony/BMG

There seems to be two different CD Covers?

Kate DeAraugo's debut CD is now out. Her first single Maybe Tonight is currently number one in Australia. Kate won Australian Idol 2005. Hoepfully Emily Williams will also release a CD she was also a standout in series 3 of Australian Idol :)

Track Listing:

1. Faded 2. Maybe Tonight 3. Heaven 4. World Stands Still 5. Famous For Leaving 6. If This Is Love 7. Victim 8. It's Obvious 9. You Brought The Sunshine 10.The Most Beautiful Place!

Audio can be heard at:

So exited about this release.

Congratualtions to Kate on her first of many CD's for many years to come :)

Coming up retrospective of Michael J McSweeney - Additional Functionality to the PopUpCards!

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